Showroom Open for Private Appointments

Kuchen Kraft’s showroom is operating on a private appointment basis only for the timebeing. This means that you, or you and your partner would be the only customers in the showroom at that time.

  • Our staff will keep at least 2m from you and wont shake hands when they greet you.
  • They will give you the opportunity to wash your hands or use hand sanitiser.
  • All surfaces and door handles in the showroom with be kept clean and sanitised.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you will be able to relax and take all the time you need to discuss your project with us, plus look at design options, finishes and appliances etc.

To make an appointment to visit our showroom or if you would like a free home design visit then please call 01832 270300 or email us at info@kuchenkraft.co.uk. We are also reachable via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Measuring up in your home

At the beginning of the process we would like to arrange to come and visit you on an agreed date and time to take measurements of the room. We will obviously identify that there are no self-isolation cases in your home prior to this visit. When the designer comes to your home to measure up, they will sanitise their hands before entering and will keep at least 2m distance from you at all times. This process will only take around 15 minutes usually.

Alternatively, you can take internal measurements yourself and email them over to us. These must include all doors, windows, and ceiling heights. Pictures/plans and as much information as possible will negate us from asking too many questions down the line.

Once we have all the measurements and wish list from you, we will then be able to go away and start designing your project. We usually operate on a 2 week turn around for new designs.

Discussing/agreeing the design

During this part of the process we can offer one of two options.

1) A private appointment in the showroom to discuss the design. We are then able to go through the different ranges, finishes and appliances etc. Coming into our showroom will allow you to see and feel the different materials/finishes that we have available. Putting different doors/worktops etc together will allow you to visualise what your project could look like. All the guidelines stated above will still apply during these appointments.

2) We can discuss the design via email or a phone call. Booking in a phone call like this will need to be arranged beforehand so that we can ensure that someone will be available for you.


We totally understand that some of our customers will be apprehensive about having tradespeople in their homes. We are greatly confident that with safety measures in place we will be able to hugely reduce the risks.

Our installers will keep at least 2m apart from you at all times. There will be no physical contact i.e no handshakes on arrival and during conversations they will keep a 2m distance.

Before the installation takes place, we would need to identify practical ways to isolate the room that they are going to be working in from the rest of the house. This would mean ideally using a direct entrance which can be accessed from the outside. This will mean that our installers will not be going through the house. Worst case if we had to access the room through other parts of the house then we would advise that all other doors are kept shut when possible.

Our fitters will use hand sanitiser before entering the house or room and they will always carry their own hand towels/disposable wipes.

The use of a toilet is also another aspect to consider during this part of the process. What is agreed is up to each individual and what is acceptable for you and your family.

If it is agreed that the use of a toilet is allowed within the property, then we will ensure that our fitters will use their own hand sanitiser and hand towels during the installation. All surfaces touched within that toilet will be wiped down with a disposable wipe. If there is a downstairs toilet which is close to the kitchen, we would look to discuss with you about leaving this toilet for the use of the installers only. Only if this is possible of course but even if its not then our fitters will ensure that all surfaces touched will be kept clean and sanitised after each use.

If you would like to discuss these procedures or have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.